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The IET (formerly the IEE) is the professional trade organisation for Electronics Engineers. It provides specifically tailored products, services and qualifications to meet the needs of today's technology industry, and can advise you on how to become a Chartered Engineer (professional registration).

Electronics Weekly is our main trade magazine and keeps us up-to-date with what's happening in the world of Electronics.

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation is the trade body for UK recruitment agencies. Member agencies abide by a code of good practice designed to provide a professional service for job seekers.

Practical Action is a charity which was founded by E F Schumacher ("Small is Beautiful") to research and develop practical answers to poverty. Rather than just throwing money at areas of the third world with endemic poverty, ITDG – the Intermediate Technology Development Group – aims to develop and introduce appropriate technology to alleviate poverty in the long-term. With its emphasis on technological solutions, it is a charity that has a particular appeal to engineers.